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Openings to Interesting Short Stories
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Openings to Interesting Short Stories

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

A Stolen Moment

She left the powder room and was walking down the hall on her way back to the ballroom, when, without warning, a hand reached out of a doorway, snagged her wrist and pulled her into a narrow dark room. Before she could utter a word of protest, her mouth was covered, in a deep, punishing kiss that literally took her breath away.

There was no light in the room. Since her eyes had not adjusted to the dark, she could not see the man whose lips were grinding against hers. But she didnt need to see. Because she had everything about him imprinted on every inch of her mind and body. It was as if she had been bewitched by black magic she thought wildly, as she dragged her fingers through his hair and pressed her body even tighter against his. From the day she had met him, she had fallen under his spell. He was a rebel all rolled into one dark, dangerous, smoldering package. Their relationship was not based on any high level of communication. It was lust, pure and simple and it was wonderful.

A collaboration by Ms Cadie & JR Namida

More than an Afternoon

As I watched the blonde woman, trying to decide on which magazine to choose from the selection the news stand offered, as the wind lifted and toyed with her short skirt. Suddenly she looked toward me, but for some reason, I was not the person she was anticipating. She leaned over and making her selection, it was a magazine with a bright colored front cover. I smiled as the wind lifted her skirt again, and her hand moved quickly controlling it allowing her some modesty in the warm summer breeze...

I was enamored with her, her outfit a black with yellow over print with a hued blue background that draped her figure tightly. Nevertheless, this little tart was wearing a sundress with thin straps that was fetching with her dark tan. Her shoes were a pair of painted Italian sandals that accentuated her long bare legs, which caught my eye at a hundred paces. The wind was gusting and lifting her dress upwards, and I admired how she kept one hand free to control the movement of the skirts unruliness in the afternoon breeze. As she paid for her magazine, she smiled at me when I had thought she had not notice me watching her.

I took her next gaze as and invitation walking towards her I offered her my hand and asked her to join me in the cantina for coffee. When she said with a nervous giggle, it would be good to step out of the wind and keep my modesty a bit more. I was delighted, as she accepted my offer.

by JR Namida